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About the Nutrition Science Panel

The Nutrition Science Panel consists of leading nutrition experts from around the world. The panel addresses emerging controversies in the field.

Membership Criteria

Panel membership is open to faculty and PhD graduates of the nutrition/dietetics departments and research centers of the top universities in the world, as ranked by US News & World Report and QS, as well as authors of top h-indexed papers in the top 20 h-5 indexed nutrition science journals, as ranked by Google Scholar.

Latest Poll: Jul-2016

Governments Should Tax Sugary Drinks

Natalie Parletta, PhD
University of South Australia
Tanis R. Fenton, PhD
University of Calgary
Susan Whiting, PhD
University of Saskatchewan
Claire McEvoy, PhD
Queen's University Belfast
David Jenkins, PhD
Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
Sean F. O'Keefe, PhD
Virginia Tech
Kimberley D. Bruce, PhD
University of Colorado Denver
David Katz, MD
Yale University
Chafik Hdider, PhD
National Institute of Agronomic Research, Tunisia
Vincent Ho, PhD
Western Sydney University
Duane Mellor, PhD
University of Canberra
Grant Schofield, PhD
Auckland University of Technology
Tim Crowe, PhD
Deakin University
Richard Hoffman, PhD
University of Hertfordshire
Rebecca C. Reynolds, PhD
University of New South Wales
Scott Harding, PhD
King's College London
Chris Marinangeli, PhD
Pulse Canada
William B. Grant, PhD
Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center
David Thurnham, PhD
University of Ulster
Mariette Gerber
Cancer Institute of Montpellier