Economic Policy Panel

About the Economic Policy Panel

The Economic Policy Panel is the newest addition to SciPolls, featuring leading economics experts from around the world. It will address emerging controversies relating to economic policy.

Membership Criteria

Panel membership is open to faculty and PhD graduates of economics and policy departments of the top universities in the world, as ranked by US News & World Report and QS. SciPolls also invites authors of top h-indexed papers in the top 20 h-5 indexed economics journals, as ranked by Google Scholar, as well as the top authors in the IDEAS bibliographic database.

Latest Poll: Jul-2016

Governments Should Tax Sugary Drinks

Michael J. Meurer, PhD
Boston University
Anton Korinek, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
David F. Merriman, PhD
University of Illinois
Reint E. Gropp, PhD
Halle Institute for Economic Research
William E. Rees, PhD
University of British Columbia
Franco Peracchi, PhD
University of Rome Tor Vergata
Sabrina L. Di Addario, PhD
Bank of Italy
Dane Rowlands, PhD
Carleton University
Ross McKitrick, PhD
University of Guelph
Vincent Vicard, PhD
Bank of France
William W. Grimes, PhD
Boston University
Andrea Giusto, PhD
Dalhousie University
Martin Chalkley, PhD
University of York
Michael Fritsch, PhD
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Paul H. Rubin, PhD
Emory University
Maurizio Conti, PhD
University of Genova