Frequently Asked Questions

What is SciPolls?

SciPolls is a public platform and database that provides top expert opinion. Researchers and professionals are organized into panels and given precise viewpoints to evaluate. Over time, panelists can change their opinions. Our polls provide the public with an up-to-date estimate of trends in expert opinion.

Our current polling framework is just the beginning of SciPolls. We believe expert consensus is often a good starting point when forming beliefs or discussing complex topics, so we're building an entire set of tools to make expert voices more available and easier to digest. Join our monthly newsletter to stay on top of our latest features and research.

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Who can use SciPolls?

Anyone and everyone can view SciPolls data and submit topic suggestions. Participation in polls is limited to verified top experts. We encourage researchers, journalists, bloggers and infovores to cite SciPolls data and illustrate expert opinion.

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How are the experts chosen?

For the majority of our panels, we rely on objective journal, article and author-level metrics. Our current metric of choice is the h-index. The h-index for a journal is defined as the largest number h such that h articles published have at least h citations each.

To learn precisely how a panel is selected, visit that panel's main page and view the membership criteria.

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I'm an expert. Can I join a panel?

If you believe you are a top expert, email us your name using an email we can easily associate with your institution or organization.

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Are these results trustworthy?

We do not claim that our polls are representative of all scholars in a given field. However, we're confident that our results are a valuable starting point for discussing scientific opinion. In a typical news-article or opinion piece, the author(s) will typically cite experts that agree (or disagree) with a position, but the context of the experts is unknown to the lay reader. On SciPolls, this bias is eliminated.

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How can I help?

If you have an idea for how to make SciPolls better, email us! We're always open to new features, panels, partnerships and projects.

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